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Readmission is expensive

In today's highly fragmented healthcare system, one population receives less support than just about any other: those newly discharged from in-patient hospital stays, who often leave in worse condition than when they arrived.

There’s no comprehensive support system to help these vulnerable individuals. That’s where Laguna can help.


Average annual additional cost per readmitted patient (vs. those not readmitted)


of medical costs are driven by readmitted patients


of working age people are sent home from the hospital with a care plan they may not understand or adhere to


readmission reduction achieved by Laguna in a clinical trial

Help employees return to their happy, productive selves

The Laguna app is clinically proven to guide your employees through at-home recovery, combining behavioral health, clinical expertise, and medical evidence with data and AI to lower readmission rates and improve recovery outcomes.

Enable your employees’ recovery

Laguna supports members with at-home recovery while integrating with your existing benefits structure, making it simple to improve employee experience.

Compassionate support

Member experience is at the center of what we do. We treat your employees and their dependents like family and help them get the care they need.

Inclusive and equitable recovery

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to you and important to us. We bring health equity to your employees by offering personalized recovery plans centered around their clinical needs and contextual circumstances.

Worry-free integration

Laguna complements your existing care management programs and seamlessly integrates into your benefits ecosystem.

No hidden costs or fees

We only charge you when employees need recovery guidance. We drive return on value through our outcomes-based fee model.

At-home recovery adds value

For Members

  • Enable better recovery Unlock comprehensive tools to speed up recovery time and reduce care costs

  • Get expert guidance Work with a trained coach who specializes in at-home recovery

  • Care for mental health Receive behavioral and emotional support

  • Customized recovery plans Built around individual needs and goals (I want to run a marathon! Or, I want to walk down the street!)

  • Caregiver support Communication and resources for caregivers who assist with recovery

For Employers

  • Enhance existing benefits plans Provide support during a time of tremendous need

  • Reduce unnecessary spending Lower hospital readmissions by up to 45%

  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism Accelerate employees’ recovery time

  • Address SDoH directly Provide impactful and measurable support

  • Easy integration Connect with existing benefits ecosystems

  • No upfront costs Laguna Health gets paid only after engaging members

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Laguna work?

  • How is Laguna paid for?

  • Is Laguna created by health professionals?

  • In case of an emergency, do members call Laguna or their doctors?

  • What is Laguna's business model?

  • Is Laguna available throughout the United States?


Modern recovery starts now

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