Improve care
with enhanced
home recovery


Transitions between care settings are costly

Patients left to recover at home by themselves after a hospitalization cost health plans billions in profits annually. There’s no comprehensive support system to help these vulnerable individuals. That’s where Laguna can help.

With Laguna, your health plan can take ownership of healthcare transitions to improve care and prevent unnecessary readmissions.


of total cost of care are driven by readmitted patients


of medical costs are driven by these readmissions


of readmissions are preventable


readmission reduction achieved by Laguna in a clinical trial

Better at-home care prevents unnecessary readmissions

Laguna is clinically proven to guide members through at-home recovery, combining behavioral health, clinical expertise, and medical evidence with data and AI to lower readmission rates and improve recovery outcomes.

Digital at-home recovery designed for health plans

Laguna understands the unique challenges facing health plans and at-home recovery. That’s why we made our digital platform scalable and simple to integrate.

No hidden costs or fees

We only charge you when members need recovery guidance and drive return on value through our outcomes-based fee model.

Simplified claims

We can receive payments through claim wire billing, simplifying transactions and claims processes.

Worry-free integration

Laguna complements your existing care management programs and seamlessly integrates into your existing case management system.

Scalable, data-driven support

We use data and AI to make our digital at-home care platform scalable and effective for members facing a wide range of recovery challenges.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Laguna work?

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  • Is Laguna created by health professionals?

  • In case of an emergency, do members call Laguna or their doctors?

  • What is Laguna's business model?

  • Is Laguna available throughout the United States?


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