Help patients recover at home


Readmissions can rack up penalties

Health systems are not optimized to manage patients’ care once they leave the hospital. Increasingly, these systems are being held responsible for patient readmissions and excess days of acute care (EDAC).

At-home recovery success rates can result in penalties — or rewards — for health systems, depending on approach. That’s where Laguna can help.


readmission reduction achieved by Laguna in a clinical trial

Better at-home recovery means better outcomes

With Laguna, health systems can enable a smooth transition to at-home recovery, knowing that patients have access to experts and resources to guide them through their recovery journey.

Holistic care for every recovery

We provide patients the tools necessary to recover at home by identifying each member’s unique recovery barriers and offering personalized plans to help them heal.


of patients suffer from depression or anxiety after a hospitalization

Emotional health

Navigating anxiety, depression, or caregiver conflicts

Environment and mobility

Proper nutrition access and home preparation

Behavioral health

Treating loneliness and readiness to change


Transportation to appointments or ability to pay for medications

Made for health systems

Laguna helps individual members while expanding capabilities within health systems, helping everyone get the care they need.


of eligible patients engaged with Laguna vs 7% with traditional Transition Care Management (TCM) models

Improve performance

Lower readmission rates and improve hospital financial performance. Read report

Enhance outpatient care

Augment existing outpatient care systems with better transitional care management

Get financial incentives

Improve Medicare and health plan metrics to capture financial incentives and TCM reimbursements

Support COVID-19 efforts

Reduced readmissions keep patients out of the hospital, reserving capacity for COVID-19

Provide quality patient care at home

Laguna gives patients the continuity they need when transitioning from the hospital to at-home recovery.

at-home care

Laguna delivers comprehensive and value-based solutions powered by data, digital tools, and personalized support.

Support patient care teams

Leaving the hospital is highly stressful, which can lead to costly health outcomes and negative patient experiences. We work as an extension, not a replacement, to the treating providers.

Better transition management

We provide transitional care management at scale, which is also reimbursable by payers.

Frequently asked questions

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