Assure your recovery

Post-hospital recovery can be a challenging journey.

With Laguna, it doesn’t have to be.


Laguna members receive access to a digital care platform and a dedicated team of specialized recovery experts to assure a successful recovery journey.

Laguna scales behavioral health interventions, combining a digital and data-driven approach with a dedicated expert care team, to guide you through your recovery journey.

Personalized recovery journey

Discharge summaries are generic and complex, creating uncertainty. Laguna helps you achieve your recovery goals with defined next steps and daily overviews of your progress.

1x1 with Laguna recovery coaches

Supported recovery is proven to accomplish better results, faster. Recovery guidance delivered via chat, telephone, or video based on your preference and schedule.

Support from Laguna clinicians and pharmacists

Recovery is an unfamiliar state that requires answers to ongoing medical questions. Get clinical information on nutrition, medications, and adherence to discharge plans.

Curated resource library

Finding the right supplementary information that assists your recovery is hard. Browse content about mindfulness, healthy eating, self-kindness, sleep hygiene, side effects, and more.


Personalized recovery at your fingertips

  • Turn-by-turn navigation for your recovery journey
  • Evidence-based plans created by Laguna’s team of experts
  • Continuously refined by data & experience
  • Ready to assist your individual needs

We help you feel like you again


Be confident in your


Return to your everyday


Feel vibrant and wonderfully like yourself again.

Frequently asked questions

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  • In case of an emergency, do members call Lauguna or their doctors?

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  • Is Laguna available throughout the United States?


Modern recovery starts now

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