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Specialized Post-Hospitalization Recovery

Your members deserve specialized solutions that combine the best in digital care with expert interventions.

Laguna provides a comprehensive and accountable solution that focuses on behavioral health and health equity, so your members can recover faster and avoid preventable readmissions.

Reduce costs by improving the recovery experience

Leaving the hospital is highly stressful, which can lead to costly health outcomes

4 of 5

Working age people are sent home with a care plan they don’t understand or follow

4 X

Prevalence of substance misuse which quadruples in readmission

25 %

Of total cost of care driven by readmitted members

$ 33955

Lower readmission by 50% with an evidence-based approach

Successful post-hospitalization recovery

Laguna ensures successful post-hospitalization recoveries by modernizing evidence-based behavioral health and health equity interventions with digital care and data.

Personalized recovery solution

Laguna-personalized recovery solution includes a dedicated care team, 1:1 BH clinician support, is guided by data, and uses technology to meet evolving patient needs.

Solutions for both employers and health plans

For Employers

  • Use existing claims infrastructure Payments made through existing claims infrastructure

  • Keep the same benefit plan No changes are needed to the benefit plan design

  • Does not require off-cycle communication Individuals can be on-boarded anytime, and works best as the home recovery solution of choice

  • Curated onboarding experience Designed to instill patient confidence and provide at home recovery reassurance

For Health Plans

  • Integrates with existing ecosystem Well-defied integrations with claims, eligibility, ADT and pre-auth feeds

  • Works with existing care management infrastructure Complements existing post hospitalization with digital first behavioral health and SUD

  • Closes the loop with providers Empowers providers by proactively sharing home recovery data and insights

  • Uses existing claims infrastructure Payments made through existing claims infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

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  • Is Laguna created by health professionals?

  • In case of an emergency, do members call Lauguna or their doctors?

  • How does Laguna assure recovery?

  • Is Laguna available throughout the United States?


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