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Get patients the help they need to recover

Patients deserve specialized post-hospitalization recovery soultions.

Laguna delivers comprehensive and value-based solutions powered by data, digital tools, and personalized care.

Designed for health systems

Leaving the hospital is highly stressful, which can lead to costly health outcomes.

Data-driven to deliver on key metrics

Existing care management solutions have competing priorities. Laguna helps health systems deliver on their top priority. Readmissions are the leading quality measure and risk/cost driver for value-based providers.

Focused on behavioral health and health equity

Laguna helps overcome recovery challenges such as the onset of mental health conditions and substance misuse disorders that significantly contribute to readmission rates and costs.

Lower readmission by 50% with an evidence-based approach

Successful post-hospitalization recovery

Laguna ensures successful post-hospitalization recoveries by modernizing evidence-based behavioral health and health equity interventions with digital care and data.

Personalized recovery solution

Laguna-personalized recovery solution includes a dedicated care team, 1:1 BH clinician support, is guided by data, and uses technology to meet evolving patient needs.

Frequently asked questions

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