Help patients beyond the hospital


Outside hospital walls, patient care is unpredictable

Risk-bearing health systems and integrated delivery networks aren't optimized to manage patients' care beyond the hospital. Traditional models don’t always address the situational, social, or logistical difficulties that arise when patients return home to recover, resulting in high costs and inefficient care.

That's where Laguna can help.


readmission reduction achieved by Laguna in a clinical trial

Improve patient outcomes

With Laguna, risk-bearing health systems can leverage AI to decrease the mental load of care managers, improving efficiency and patient recovery outcomes.

Help patients navigate recovery through all of life's challenges

Laguna understands the issues facing payers and their care managers. That's why we designed our solution to be configurable, scalable, and easy to implement.


Contextual care plans are 7x more effective than traditional approaches

Emotional health

Anxiety, depression, grief, caregiver conflicts

Social and situational factors

Financial situation, cultural background, home environment

Behavioral health

Loneliness, forgetfulness, readiness to change

Logistics and mobility

Transportation to appointments and clinical adherence

Designed to complement health systems

Laguna’s care management platform fits within existing ecosystems to improve outcomes for patients and make life easier for clinical staff.


Up to 92% of eligible patients engaged with Laguna vs 7% with traditional Transition Care Management (TCM) models

Improve performance

Lower readmission rates and improve hospital financial performance
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Extend care further

Partner with patients beyond the hospital so they can recover with confidence

Navigate early risk barriers

AI identifies red flags using discharge instructions and patient screener questions

Unblock time and resources

Help clinical staff with dynamic care management that improves outcomes efficiently

Provide personalized care at scale

Laguna’s AI models make contextual care available to every member, without taxing clinical staff or adding unnecessary cost.

Dynamic care plans

Each member receives ongoing guidance and support with care plans that adapt automatically to their unique needs.

Empower care managers

Laguna flags and prioritizes tasks for care managers, so they can help where it’s needed most and do their best work.

Extend capabilities further

We work as an extension, not a replacement, to treating providers.

Let’s transform healthcare together

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