Industry Insights: Embracing Technology


In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, staying informed about industry trends is crucial. As part of our ongoing commitment to research and development, our team has put together a short digest of recent industry trends identified through various market surveys.

The Role of Technology in Achieving Organizational Goals

One significant trend is the increasingly important role of technology. According to a recent report by HealthEdge, 62% of health plan leaders identified investing in modern technology for digital transformation as the primary strategy for achieving their organizational goals in the upcoming year. This figure underscores the consensus among health plan leaders that modern technology will significantly address their major challenges amid increasing complexities and the industry-wide shift towards digital transformation.

Top Challenges Faced by Health Plan Leaders in 2024

(As reported in the 2024 HealthEdge Annual Payer Market Report, a survey of 350+ Health Plan Leaders)

  1. Alignment with business and IT
  2. Workforce shortages and burnout
  3. Business Growth
  4. Managing Costs
  5. Member Satisfaction

The Focus on Creating Efficiencies and Reducing Costs

A 2024 Insights report by Salesforce Healthcare & Life Sciences finds that out of industry leaders surveyed from 400+ organizations, the prime focus for 79% of leaders is creating efficiencies and reducing costs. This is followed closely by “improving consumer trust and satisfaction”.

Conversational AI Creates Efficiency

Laguna continues to invest in research and rigorous studies that directly impact the prime areas of focus for the majority of surveyed health leaders.

Customer results and actuarial reports we have invested in over the past year have shown a 29% total efficiency gain directly attributable to Laguna’s implementation within a care management organization. Actuarial results calculated by Pasco Advisers, an actuarial firm founded by Keith Passwater, formerly Chief Actuary of Elevance Health.

Impact metrics contributing to this gain in efficiency include improvements of:

    • 15% increase in call efficiency due to AI clinical summaries, resulting in shorter call times
    • 8% increase in identified & documented barriers to care
    • 4% increase in interactions stemming from async messaging and reduced downtime
    • 2% increase in care manager retention due to improved oversight

The Future of Healthcare Lies in Technology

The future of healthcare lies in our ability to embrace and harness the power of technology to improve processes, outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

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